Increasing Market Share for a Global Pharmaceutical Company


Enhancing Global Involvement

A leading global life science company recognized that their business was shifting to health systems, yet lacked a grow-the-market strategy for this customer stakeholder group.


When a global life science company’s customers shifted from independent provider groups to health systems, field teams struggled with not only access, but how to navigate the health system landscape. Additionally, they were challenged with how to connect their disease states, which weren’t a high priority focus of the systems, to population health management or the Triple Aim.


The Kinetix Group was engaged to leverage both their deep knowledge of health system processes and relationships with health system decision makers to develop a comprehensive program in a specialty care area that was designed to complement health systems’ focus on population health and improve processes of care.

Through a market analysis conducted with decision-makers and providers that had expertise in both the therapeutic area and process improvement, TKG identified a high incidence of both under and misdiagnosis of this patient population within the primary care setting. Furthermore, there was no streamlined process for referrals between primary and specialty care, nor was there a standardized approach for the ongoing management of these patients within the specialty care setting.

This market landscape assessment also identified several best practices within both small and large health systems that were leveraged to build the foundation for an above-brand, shared priorities platform.

The platform focused on areas of shared priority between the sponsor and their health system customers and included tools and resources for decision makers, providers and patients. The program included best practices focused on strategies geared towards improving patient outcomes, with a focus on patient identification and standardized co-management.

The Results

This initiative earned the life science company national recognition for its quality initiatives, improved relationships, access and market share. The platform was adopted by five brand teams as a cross-portfolio offering for health systems.

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