Transformational objectives within existing workflows.

value-driven strategy

TKG Care Delivery Group

Implementation of a successful value-driven strategy requires multiple perspectives. We work with clients to assess feasibility, readiness for change and obstacles related to adopting a new or improved care delivery models.

With our client’s operational, cultural and strategic imperatives in mind, we create customized process models that address core transformational objectives within existing infrastructure and workflows.

Care delivery projects are executed by our Group Practice Forum division and Integrated Medical Processes, an affiliate of The Kinetix Group. 

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Tailored to Your Workflow

Our process workflows are designed to transform care in a way that reduces client burden at every level and include actionable metrics focused on accuracy, timeliness and conversion.

Using our cloud based measurement system, we have the ability to design custom dashboards that provide real-time insights related to process improvement and allow our clients to investigate, refine and iterate.

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